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What are the different types of certificates?

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DirectTrust standards currently support a model where certificates can be unique to an individual Direct address (Address Certificates), or to a collective, organizational domain (Organizational Certificates).

In either case, the organization must display ownership of the domain to be used in the Direct Address.

Address Certificate

Address certificates are bound to a single Direct Address. Any Address Certificate Subscriber must be identity vetted (remotely or in-person) to LoA3 standards, which can include inspection of a valid government-issued photo ID, and/or utility/financial information.

Organizational Certificate

Organizational certificates are bound to a single domain and all addresses under this domain may only be given to employees/affiliates of the same legal entity. Organizational certificates must have a Trusted Agent named on the application (an identity vetted individual at the organization) , and the responsibility of validating identities for the users in the organization falls on that Trusted Agent, or TA.


An individual who is covered by an Organizational Certificate cannot have an Address Certificate for the same Direct address.

Updated on March 20, 2017

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