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Delivery Properties

This tab controls how message delivery is handled by the Virtual Server you have selected. The following options are available on this tab.

Fully-qualified domain name:

Set the display name that this SMGW virtual server will use to identify itself during SMTP transfers. If this field is left blank, the SMGW virtual server will perform a reverse DNS lookup on its IP address and use the name that is returned.

First retry interval (minutes):

If a message cannot be delivered, the virtual server will wait for a period of time before attempting to send the message again. This interval is always set using minutes.

Second retry interval (minutes):

This interval occurs if the message fails to send twice.

Third retry interval (minutes):

This interval occurs if the message fails to send three times.

Subsequent retry interval (minutes):

If the message fails to send more than three times, this interval will be used.

Delay notification:

If a message suffers from a delay, a notification will be sent to the sender after a period of time. This time can be set to be any number of minutes, hours, or days.

Expiration notification:

After a defined period of time, the Gateway will send a notification message to the sender that the message could not be sent. No further attempts will be made to deliver the message after this time period has elapsed. The time limit for this message can be set to any number of minutes, hours, or days.

E-mail a copy of the NDR report to:

When all delivery attempts have been exhausted for an email message, the message sender will receive a Non-Delivery Report (NDR) email containing message expiration data. To have a second user such as a postmaster also receive a copy of this expiration message, add their email address to this field.

Filter Failure Delivery Method:

When a message fails to be successfully scanned, this field will decide how the message will be handled. The two fields are as follows:

Block Message

Selecting this radio button will place all messages that are unable to be scanned into the Badmail directory. This is useful if you have tight policy restrictions regarding message sending.

Pass Thru

Selecting this radio button will allow all messages to send as if there were no policy matches. This selection is useful if the virtual server you are applying it to will have no sensitive information passing through it.

The failures will be logged, no matter the selection you choose.

Updated on February 19, 2018

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